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Get comfortable with the ins and outs of clinical trials.

  • Can I join any trial I find interesting?

  • How do I get selected as a volunteer for a trial?

  • What is a healthy volunteer?

  • What if I'm rejected from a clinical trial I'm interested in?

  • Do I have to consent?

  • Do I need to tell my doctor?

  • What kind of questions should I consider asking?

  • Can I quit at any time?

  • How much time does it take to participate in a clinical trial?

  • What is a clinical trial?

  • What are the typical risks and benefits of a clinical trial?

  • Who conducts clinical trials?

  • What are the key stages in a clinical trial?

  • What is involved in the screening appointment

  • What is a placebo?

  • Will I be able to stay on the study drug after the trial is complete?

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